What can anavar do for me

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I have been using anavar for the last two months and have gotten amazing results so far. I am a 20 year old female and although i was already very lean before beggining my cycle my goal was to add on 10 more pounds of muscle. I was a little skeptical of it since its a steroid and all and being a girl i was worried about side effects. I can happily say that i have reached my goal with the only side effect being a few pimpes but that is to be expected when putting extra testosterone into your body. For anyone on there either looking to add some lean muscle mass or even shred up a bit for the summer take anavar! its amazing

I'm 5'5,127, around 22-23% BF. I train 5 days a week. I'm on week 3 of 10mg of Anavar only and I take it every morning. I have about a week left in this cycle before I go off for 8 weeks.
However...the side effects I'm experiencing are the worst of them all.
I'm sleeping very little(I do green tea at night and melatonin, no dice), lost libido entirely(might be because of birth control), and increased irritability.
The worst side affect is definitely the brain fog. It's so hard for me to get to the gym because I feel lazy all day, once I'm there I get a great pump and I feel accomplished but immediately after I have the worst brain fog(feel like I'm in a daze), try to nap post lift and it's a no go. I am taking arginine and PWO, my guy said it'll increase the pumps. Tomorrow I'm done with the PWO and gonna see if it helps with sleep. (Before cycle I could sleep on days I took PWO)
I've been reading and doing research and I read a study in which it implies Anavar can have adverse affects on T3/T4 levels.
I'm hoping this is just side affects and my thyroid is fine, any advice on if I should stop the cycle early or just power on? The brain fog and the lack of sleep is what's killing me.

What can anavar do for me

what can anavar do for me


what can anavar do for mewhat can anavar do for mewhat can anavar do for mewhat can anavar do for mewhat can anavar do for me