Topical steroids how to use

1. Moisturizers. Some people cannot tolerate any moisturizer during withdrawal – especially in certain stages of withdrawal, but here are the moisturizers many of our forum members like to use.  Please spot test everything to make sure the skin can tolerate the moisturizers or soaps and remember to only try one new thing at a time. Also note that the skin may accept something for a while and then become irritated at another stage of withdrawal when the same product is applied. Most people find emollients, ointments or balms made with simple ingredients to be more comfortable than creams or lotions.

processing.... Drugs & Diseases triamcinolone topical (Rx) Brand and Other Names: Kenalog Orabase, Kenalog topical, more... Pediaderm TA, Triacet, Trianex

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Introduction: Although topical steroids are frequently prescribed in primary care, practical formal instruction is rare to nonexistent and misuse of topical steroids is widespread. To address this, this streamlined talk was created as something that could be presented during a break in clinic or lunch. The intended audience includes primary care providers of all levels, residents, and clinical graduate students (ARNP, PA). Methods: This 20-30 minute presentation reviews how to safely and effectively prescribe topical steroid medications and instruct patients in their proper use. Topics covered include diagnoses that respond to steroids as well as the treatment duration, quantity, strength, and vehicle selection (ointment, cream, solution) of various steroids. The session concludes with patient cases to practice prescribing topical steroids. This can be presented one-on-one or in large groups. A one-page summary of practical use tips is also given to learners for future reference. Results: Medical students, ARNP students, family medicine residents, and practicing clinicians have reported that this talk was practical and useful over the past three years. Discussion: This presentation follows the guidelines by Reynolds to limit text and teach primarily with pictures and the presenter’s words.

Topical steroids how to use

topical steroids how to use


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