Primobolan s

According to the aggregate data from a number of scientific studies, despite its conservative nature, Primobolan was proven to provide significant increases in muscle development in a reasonable amount of time. Another interesting fact that was discovered during the testing of this compound was the fact that it effectively bound itself to the AR. In fact, Primobolan was able to bind itself to the AR more effectively than naturally produced testosterone. This is huge because the ability to effectively bind to the AR allows Primobolan to be one of the most effective fat-burning compounds available. Positive AR binding has been directly correlated with lipolysis.

It should be noted that Primobolan comes in both an injectable and tablet form; the injectable form has the Enanthate ester attached and this is the recommended Primobolan form for women. A dose of approximately 100mg per week, spacing the injections out every three (3) to four (4) days will serve the desired purpose, as well as limit any negative virilization side-effects. Further, the length of time most women should limit their Primobolan use to is generally in the four (4) to six (6) week range. Most women will find one short four (4) to six (6) week run close to their end of the diet to be plenty. For those looking for a little more, a four (4) to six (6) week run at the front end of the diet, followed by a short three (3) week break in Primobolan use and then a short four (4) week use of the steroid will give her what she’s looking for.

Primobolan s

primobolan s


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