Oxymetholone gep

Side effects compared to other substances are quite a bit weaker, the most frequently mentioned is acne and it has quite a strong influence on the digestive tract (at higher doses), . when taking Oxandrolone often mentioned is regular diarrhea. It is a 17 - alpha - alkylated preparation that is toxic to the liver, but not in extreme (studies where Oxandrolone was administered daily in amount of 20 mg for 12 weeks, minimal effect on increase in liver values was observed).
This substance in short and low use does not affect the endogenous production of testosterone. In prolonged use testicular atrophy is quite common. (The study has shown that over 12 weeks period of use of 80 mg daily suppresses endogenous testosterone production by 67%).

For most of the athletes to say, they always consider their strength, their bodies and even their muscle as the important parts of their career life. Because these things are the factors that influence their success. Actually, these factors can put an end in a match or even can decide whether you has won or lost in a competition. Therefore, they always have to find different ways that are really effective to increase the strength, to gain the great muscle or at least maintain their current situation. It is not only simply practising by doing gym, fitness but also finding some trusted supplements that can support them.

Oxymetholone gep

oxymetholone gep


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