Oxandrolone and alcohol

A cooperative study was conducted to determine the efficacy of 30 days of treatment with either a glucocorticosteroid (prednisolone) or an anabolic steroid (oxandrolone) in moderate or severe alcoholic hepatitis. One hundred thirty-two patients with moderate disease and 131 with severe disease were randomly assigned to one of three treatments: prednisolone, oxandrolone, or placebo. During the 30 days, mortality in the groups receiving steroid therapy was not significantly different from mortality in the placebo group. Thirteen per cent of the moderately ill patients and 29 per cent of the severely ill patients died. Although neither steroid improved short-term survival, oxandrolone therapy was associated with a beneficial effect on long-term survival. This was especially true in patients with moderate disease: among those who survived for one or two months after the start of treatment the conditional six-month death rate was per cent after oxandrolone and 19 to 20 per cent after placebo (P = ). No consistent long-term effect was associated with prednisolone therapy.

Shelton and Rajfer (2012) noted that androgen deficiency in aging men is common, and the potential sequelae are numerous.  In addition to low libido, erectile dysfunction, decreased bone density, depressed mood, and decline in cognition, studies suggest strong correlations between low testosterone, obesity, and the metabolic syndrome.  Because causation and its directionality remain uncertain, the functional and cardiovascular risks associated with androgen deficiency have led to intense investigation of testosterone replacement therapy in older men.  Although promising, evidence for definitive benefit or detriment is not conclusive, and treatment of LOH is complicated.

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Oxandrolone and alcohol

oxandrolone and alcohol


oxandrolone and alcoholoxandrolone and alcoholoxandrolone and alcoholoxandrolone and alcoholoxandrolone and alcohol