Nap them 50 pin

Susan, I hadn’t intended to link up my post this week because it doesn’t feature dishes, but with all the snow on everyone’s mind I thought it would fit in. When I saw that Dawn was your inspiration for the dishes, I smiled because she was the source for the star of my post. It is a tablescape, just no dishes. Hope it’s OK to bend the rules this week!
Your creativity is endless. Who would have thought to set a table in the snowy scene outside your window. Bravo! Hope you wore ear muffs, gloves, and a heavy coat. I loved seeing this tablescape with those wonderful dishes. No question the birdies LOVED having this table complete with plenty of snacks.
Stay warm and cozy inside. 😉

What do you do when they wake up close to the 50 min? Her naps were 20 min now extended to 40. That’s longer but not a full nap.
At 20 I could bounce her back to sleep now it’s full out fighting and screaming until next nap time. So do I accept the 40 min nap if she’s actually done and continue the attempt to disrupt sleep cycle (just started today) and work towards the -2 hour nap.
I’ve always wondered what to do when they wake up from a short nap nowhere tells you how long to try to soothe them back for.
I also care for another baby and the screaming wakes her and then they’re both tired and miserable. Correction were all tired and feel like a failure when after an hour of trying to soothe her she’s still screaming I stop attempting the nap because by that point it feels pointless and we’ll literally be at it all day for weeks on end
She’s 6 mo old

Nap them 50 pin

nap them 50 pin


nap them 50 pinnap them 50 pinnap them 50 pinnap them 50 pinnap them 50 pin