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A brief period of sleep of around 15 to 20 minutes, preceded by consuming a caffeinated drink or another stimulant, may combat daytime drowsiness more effectively than napping or drinking coffee alone. [12] [13] [14] A stimulant nap (or coffee nap, caffeine nap, occasionally napuccino) [12] was discovered by British researchers, Horne and Reyner, to be more effective than regular naps in improving post-nap alertness and cognitive functioning. [15] [16] In a driving simulator and a series of studies, Horne and Reyner investigated the effects of cold air, radio, a break with no nap, a nap, caffeine pill vs. placebo and a short nap preceded by caffeine on mildly sleep-deprived subjects. A nap with caffeine was by far the most effective in reducing driving accidents and subjective sleepiness as it helps the body get rid of the sleep-inducing chemical compound adenosine . [17] Caffeine in coffee takes up to half an hour to have an alerting effect, hence "a short (<15min) nap will not be compromised if it is taken immediately after the coffee." [18] [19] [20] One account suggested that it was like a "double shot of energy" from the stimulating boost from caffeine plus better alertness from napping. [12] This procedure has been studied on sleep-deprived humans given the task of driving a motor vehicle afterwards, [21] although it has not been studied on elderly populations. [22]

The following day, during Kenpachi's first addressing of his division, he was greeted by Ikkaku and Yumichika, who had already become Shinigami and joined the division. Ikkaku told Kenpachi he had come back just as he suggested, causing Kenpachi to smile. Later, they were present at the battle of the division against a caterpillar Hollow. While initially the division lost, Ikkaku showed up to fight it, but was stopped by Kenpachi, who decided to kill it himself. After the Hollow was dispatched, more came, prompting Ikkaku and Yumichika to join in the fight. Though at first he was against it, Kenpachi was persuaded upon realizing the two had similar fighting traits, and, as such, would like to fight by his side. After this, Kenpachi allowed them to participate in his fights. [25]

If a player has Late Night or Supernatural installed, it is possible to produce a toddler that is also a Vampire when one or both of a new baby's parents are vampires, with a 50% chance of vampirism if one parent is a vampire and a 100% chance if both parents are vampires. With Supernatural installed, vampire toddlers can also be made from scratch in Create-A-Sim . A vampire toddler can be physically distinguished from other toddlers by their different skin color and glowing eyes (much like adult vampires) and will bite at the necks of teddy bears, Imaginary Friend dolls and other soft toys when playing with them. Vampire toddlers initially have the same motives as regular toddlers, but will eventually switch to having unique vampire motives and abilities upon reaching the young adult stage. The only premade vampire toddler is Belisama Hemlock .

Nap 50 wiki

nap 50 wiki


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