Nap 50 liver

I had a lot of acne problems for years. In my early teens to adulthood and I am now 36years old. Did not find out until $$$ down the drain that I met this old doctor who told me to do a liver cleanse for seven days…1) No coffee, No Caffeine, No Chocolate, No Hot peppers, No Curry, No Red meat, No Soda, No Sweets such as ice creams or cake. 2) Each morning drink a 8oz glass of hot water with fresh squeezed lemon, maple syrp B and a dash of cayenne pepper. Eat green leafy veges, soups, salads, beets, carrots throughout the days… every 2 hours. Drink 6-8 bottles of water a day. and 2 X a day drink water and milk thistle. Now, after hundreds of $$$… all it took was a good liver cleanse and now I am acne free…. SAD that it took so long.. because there are so many products out there. That’s why Asian people has beautiful skin and hair, because they believe in cleansing the liver and always eating liver cleansing food…

Your description sounds like what I am experiencing, however, it is both my feet, could it present itself in both feet at about the same time? I recently stared a gluten free lifestyle, for health reasons. It has taken me years to figure it out but I am very sensitive to gluten.
I wonder if there is any relation to my change in diet and the onset of my painful feet? I excersice 5 days a week and run, not long distance. My feet feel better when elevated. I am 59, noticing lots of changes with my body in the past coup,e of years, when my feet started hurting I wrote it off as another aging issue but now I am not so sure.
Thanks for your help and for the information above.

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Nap 50 liver

nap 50 liver


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