Nap 50 and test cycle

With its high192kHz / 32-bit Asynchronous USB digital audio conversion (DAC), network streaming audio playback is now ready for the true audiophile. The N-50 benefits from Pioneer’s rich heritage of audio excellence and innovative technologies like Auto Sound Retriever, which takes compressed files and enhances them to virtually CD quality. With its unparalleled ability to minimize all forms of interference, playback is remarkably textured and detailed reproduction remains true to its original source. While wired is the recommended way to connect because of the high rates of data involved, an optional AS-WL300 wifi adapter is also available for wireless network convenience.

I can’t even believe the similarities of how our issues were stemmed by the same situation. I have had low blood pressure since I was young, always felt faint if I stood up too quickly, thought it was normal. I had been dealing with back aches, headaches, and fatigue before my situation arose. I also found out that my fiancee, and father of our two children, had in fact been having an emotional affair with an ex co-worker. I instantly gagged and almost threw up after it sank in, the next week had been really odd with my body’s hormonal reaction to it. Today, is the first day that I actually feel somewhat normal again. I am waiting to get in with an endocrinologist, but it’s taking forever. She kept telling me that it sounds more like depression, but I dropped from 164 down to 125lbs from June until now. I just found out about this information before Thanksgiving. Last week I developed serious neck pain on both sides, my left side of my chest, my hips. I was so fatigued I could hardly open my eyes. I had a fever, and it felt like my brain was going to break open my skull. I have been getting these weird unexplainable bruises on my upper thighs on both legs. I can feel when they happen, it feels like a burning/itching sensation, and when I lift up my pant legs, it is already bruised to the size of a golf ball — not just circular though, odd patterns. Each time I went into the ED and my doctors office, they said I was having a panic attack. There was no panic, all of the heartache and BS had already been settled, but I felt like my body was responding to stress in a very different manner. I am hoping to get in with an Endo as soon as possible. I may be alright this time around, but what happens in the next high stress scenario?
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In the 1970s, a Dutch bike shop owner named Henk Kokke made frequent visits to Italy. On one of his trips he bought a couple of racing frames from Ernesto Colnago. There was one frame for Henk’s son Corné and one for racer Bart van Est. The exotic Colnagos drew quite a bit of attention in the Netherlands and it became apparent that the Italian frames would sell. Henk decided to start his own imported brand. He came up with an Italian-sounding moniker (rooted in the name of his son Corné) and contracted with Ernesto Colnago to build the bikes. As far as we know, Cornelo frames are still available today and they’re built the same way. The frames are still bought in Italy, painted in Belgium and assembled in St. Willebrord, The Netherlands.

Nap 50 and test cycle

nap 50 and test cycle


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