Anova ziplock

The food this thing produces is just so damn good. Tender, juicy, perfectly cooked perfection, pretty much every single time. I love how portable it is and how little space it takes up in your kitchen (or backpack). The clamping mechanism feels very solid, and it's wide enough to accommodate a lot of different sized containers. It's truly almost completely silent. The display is very easy to read and the temperature is very easy to set. I also found it maintained temperature extremely well. Once it was up to temp, the most I ever saw it vary was by degrees F, and usually only for a quick moment. Impressive.


The technology to fly drones from our smartphones is (finally?) here -- and if you were one of the lucky 500 people who backed ZANO early on, you’ll get to experience it firsthand. The ultraportable drone is actually intended as a personal aerial photography and HD video capture platform, enabling users to capture and share Instagrammable moments like never before. The device is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet holds enough technology to fly all on its own. The ZANO can start snapping and filming moments from heights and angles impossible to capture on your feet. And thanks to direct connectivity to your smartphone, you can then immediately share the footage with friends or on social media. Over 12,000 backers pledged roughly $2,556,254 to make ZANO a reality, exceeding the $136,955 goal by far.

I have a question – I tried this tart out but my chocolate seized when I added my milk, making it more of a solid tart than anything creamy or mousse like. I’m wondering if it was the milk or the chocolate? I’m new to baking with coconut milk, and when I opened the can the top was SO thick and the bottom SO thin, so I mixed them together a little… Was that it? Should I use the thin next time? Or should you wait for the chocolate to cool down a little before adding the liquids? It was still a dazzler after dinner and we all enjoyed it. Just wondering what I did wrong. Thanks Angela

Anova ziplock

anova ziplock


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