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Largest Dosed Laxogenin Product Available!

Each serving of Primavar contains an industry leading 125mg per capsule 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin -- the highest dose on the market, bar none!  That means each daily dose of Primavar delivers a total of 250mg Laxogenin for superior muscle growth and performance.

Primavar absolutely destroys the competition and will make you forget any other laxogenin product ever existed!

Broad Appeal

Primavar is the ideal choice for anyone (men AND women) looking to build muscle, lose fat, improve recovery, and take their athletic performance to heights unseen. Best of all, Primavar does NOT require PCT or cycle support, and will not wreck your liver, unlike many other muscle building products on the market.

Benefits of Laxogenin

-    Increased strength & size
-    Improved recovery
-    Reduced fatigue
-    Lean mass gains
-    Combats inflammation
-    Boosts endurance & stamina
-    Mitigates stress
-    Lowers cortisol levels

Primavar Ingredients

Laxogenin (125mg)

Laxogenin (5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin) is an incredibly powerful anabolic agent extracted from Smilax Sieboldii, a relative of asparagus. It’s also similar to another popular plant-based muscle building supplement, ecdysterone.

Laxogenin belongs to a class of plant-based hormomes known as sapogenins, which when extracted and dosed appropriately operate as precursors for the production of various other hormones.

First discovered in 1996, Laxogenin was found to possess an anabolic/androgenic ratio similar to Anavar (. Oxandrolone), one of the most potent and popular hormome ever! Unlike Anavar though, Laxogenin is non-hormonal and doesn’t come with the potential grave side effects that hormones do, such as shutdown or liver toxicity.

Laxogenin elevates protein synthesis (as much as 300%!) while also limiting protein breakdown, making it ideal for those looking to build some serious size in a short amount of time. That’s not all, laxogenin also helps you recover faster meaning you can keep getting in the gym day after day to keep those gains rolling!

Need to lose a bit of fat?

Laxogenin helps here too! Supplementing with laxogenin creates the ideal hormonal environment in your body to burn fat by regulating cortisol levels and enhancing thyroid function. This means any road blocks to fat loss are removed (via decreased cortisol) and your metabolic rate is revved up so you’re burning more calories each and every day for faster fat loss!

Dosing : Consume two capsules per day.

Hey JD, I have a problem with my right arm (precisely my right biceps) being smaller than the left one. I know that body isn’t supposed to be perfectly symmetrical, but I feel that the right biceps is noticeably weaker too. I’ve tried working it more then the left one in the last month but it seems like it didn’t grow one bit. It’s pissing me off to be honest. My right HAND has been injured but I don’t see how that could be related as injury was small bone fracture on my hand (fist), far away from biceps. My forearms seem to be symmetrical and evenly strong. Also I’ve noticed that my right (smaller) arm is more vascular than the left. Opinion, any tips?

Anavar images

anavar images


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